My name is Martin van Toll.
Being a sound engineer and working for Business Development at NOB Audio in Hilversum I am involved with sound every day. NOB changed into Technicolor (2010) and Ericsson (2012). My job there also changed: I am involved in the automation of the broadcast process for the Dutch national public radio stations.

At the end of 1998 NOB Audio started to run a website. This was built by NOB Interactive, but the maintenance would be done by ourselves. Making updates for that website, I became interested in HTML. I wanted to build a site myself in my spare time, just to see if I could do it.

Inspired by my colleague Paul de Klein I chose the theme "silence", the opposite of sound. The Site of Silence slowly became what it is now. After 2005 there has not changed much. The internet technique is quite out of date, but as you can see: it still works. This website can be seen as a museum.

The picture below was published on December 23, 2000 in the newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad illustrating an article about Stemmenweb, an interactive voice agency by NOB Audio in 2000. After a few months Stemmenweb was not interesting enough for NOB. I continued the website independently. Stemmenweb still exists. There are more than houndred of men and women, starters and professionals, presenting their voices for audiovisual productions.

picture from article about Stemmenweb in newspaper (Reformatorisch Dagblad)